Learning space for school aged kids,
on-site at the office.

Increase focus and productivity of your parent employees by making space for students near their workspace.


Parent employees won’t be back to full productivity without help.

As school schedules continue to be in flux, most parent employees will continue to wear the teacher/parent hat on top of being an engaged employee. As we all know, this is exhausting.

And unsustainable.

Employers are finding ways to support employees as much as possible, but the bottom line is this: you need employees to return to full productivity. 

You shouldn’t have to choose between having focused parent employees or supporting families with flexibility during this crisis. You need a creative solution to get your parent employees back to pre-COVID productivity.

How TheirSpace will help:

These are the elements that will make our services great for the families of your company.


Highly-Vetted Tutors

On-site at the Office

Safety Precautions Enforced

Tech-enabled Booking

Conference Room
Elegant Female

27% of parents expect to quit their jobs due to COVID-19.


We leverage technology to make this easy for everyone.

We all realize that parents' schedules may be inconsistent over the upcoming months. 

Parents will be able to book blocks of tutoring with as little as a week's notice via the mobile Maxwell.App. Meanwhile, HR teams can monitor usage stats and reporting metrics via the desktop Maxwell.App.

Parents can book TheirSpace hours on the easy-to-use Maxwell.App
Maxwell App HR Dashboard
Parents will also have access to work/life admin services available on the Maxwell.App

Our process is simple.

Identify Interested Employees

We provide customized marketing materials for your employee base.

Set On-Site Visit

We will check out the underutilized spaces in your office and work with you determine the best area for “their space”.

Prep Technology

We will work with your team to set up your Maxwell.App admins as well as parent employee users.

Enjoy Happy Employees (and their lil "Space Invaders")

Parents can start booking blocks of tutoring time for one or multiple kids right away.


Don't let your employees go another day trying to "wear all the hats".

Our tutors will be available to book in Omaha starting this fall. Contact us today to give your employees the help they need this upcoming school year.

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