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In-person tutoring for employees' kids, on-site at work.

Yes, you heard right: We create a safe place for kids in the workplace.
Support your critical staff in the most vital way with TheirSpace.


Without an educational support system, your valuable parent employees will have no choice but to reduce productivity, reduce hours or to quit.

Parent employees are concerned with their child(ren)'s education more than ever. Whether it's off-school days or remote learning, they are confounded on how to teach their children and manage their own work… often, it's just not possible to do both.

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Watch your staffing predicament become a case study on innovation.

Save money by retaining critical employees

Increase employee productivity and focus

Create loyalty among employees

Support families in a tangible way


"TheirSpace has been a lifesaver for our family. My husband and I both work full-time jobs. It was becoming very difficult to juggle the demands of work and at home learning.

TheirSpace has allowed me the time to get back in the office and maximize my productivity and has given my kids the one-on-one attention they need to get through their remote learning days.

Every employer should be considering this option right now."

Rosalina R. 
Mother of 3 and Senior Manager Operations Support, Omaha Nebraska


Smart for Employers. Great for Employees. Safe for Everyone.



We have thorough COVID precautions in place, validated by medical professionals.

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We work with families whose schedule change week to week.



Our high-quality tutoring is affordable for both employers and parent employees.

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High Quality

Our highly-vetted tutors have backgrounds in education and years of experience working with children.

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Fun for Kids!

Of course homework gets done and Zoom calls are attended… But we also make sure to add physical movement and silliness to each session!


"TheirSpace provides tutoring for my daughter that’s essential to her educational experience while she does virtual schooling.

The program has flexible scheduling and is also more affordable than other tutoring services we pursued previously. I recommend it to any family trying to balance parent’s careers with children enrolled in remote learning!"

Father and Engineer, Omaha Nebraska

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We are focused on supporting each child's unique education.

Each tutoring session is customized to the student's needs that day.


Remote Learning Facilitation

Individualized Tutoring Support

Educational Enrichment Programming

71% knowledge industry organizations have or plan to create a worksite plan around childcare.

In the Classroom

Launching TheirSpace is Simple

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Schedule a (Virtual) Meeting

We'll discuss the details of the program and answer questions about having kids on-site in the workplace.

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Identify Parent Users & the Space

We'll help you survey employees to gauge interest and scope out the ideal location of TheirSpace.



Get Accounts Set Up on Maxwell.App

From the HR team dashboard to the parents' accounts, our technology helps the program run efficiently.

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Let the Tutoring Begin!

Hear your parent employees breathe a sigh of relief!
You have provided an innovative family support service.


Your employees' concern for the education and care of their school-aged children has been magnified by the pandemic, but it is not a new issue...

Nor will it go away once the pandemic ends.

With the shift to a virtual-first world in work and education coupled with the fact that 64% of families in the U.S. survive off two incomes, employers must embrace a new model of work-life integration in order to stay on top.

Even when schools return to a normal schedule, consider this: the typical mid-August to mid-May school year requires 180 6-hour schools days for students to complete a grade. The number of 8-hour business days in that timeframe? 220.

And then there's summer break! 

These are gaps of time that your parent employees are stressed out about, whether it gets communicated to you or not. 

TheirSpace is a creative, family-supportive benefit that will put your organization's culture of employee support on display.

We carry the liability of having kids on-site at your workplace, and because we are an educational support service and not childcare, there are no licensing requirements for your organization. And in case you're worred about the risk of children bringing COVID into the workplace, consider this: only .001% of elementary-aged children in the U.S. tested positive for COVID-19. The health risk of having kids on-site is not what you may think.

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