"Family Coworking" at Populus

During this unprecedented time of a global pandemic, the usual parental support systems have been turned upside down. We want to help parents who are now balancing two jobs - working and facilitating your child’s remote learning. 

TheirSpace will offer facilitated virtual learning for small groups of students while parents work onsite at Populus.  

Throughout the upcoming school year, we will offer TheirSpace tutoring for elementary through high school-aged children.


How We Can Help


Virtual Learning Facilitation

Each room will have a vetted TheirSpace tutor facilitating virtual learning. The tutor will assist with assignments & e-learning technology and provide interactive tutoring customized to the students in  the room. 

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Age Group Division

Based on enrollment, rooms will be split into groups of similarly aged students (elementary and middle/high school).

Each room will practice social distancing recommendations with 6' of space between each student (with approximately 4-6 students per room).


Flexible Hours

2 Sessions will be available each day:

  • Morning session: 8a -12p

  • Afternoon Session: 1 - 5p

You don't have to stay for the entire 4-hour session, but we won't be able to discount for those who use less time. Also, rooms will be sanitized between each session!


Parent Workspace Access

Parents will have access to the Populus coworking space while their student(s) are co-schooling. Parents must remain onsite the majority of the time (may leave for quick errands, to grab food or for occasional off-site meetings). Check out the amenities available to parents while working remotely at Populus, including gigabit internet, local coffee, snacks and a fitness area.

Preference will be given to parents who commit to a set schedule of days to allow us to create a cohort of students who will stay together each day.


COVID-19 Awareness


Students and tutors will wear masks while co-schooling in TheirSpace.


Students will maintain a 6' distance between each other at all times; TheirSpace tutor will ensure distancing.

Clean Hands

Hands must be washed or sanitized upon entry to the space.

Clean Space

TheirSpace and Populus workspaces will be sanitized between use, and spot cleaned as-needed during each session.


Don't go another day trying to "wear all the hats".

Our tutors will be available in Omaha fall of 2020. Contact us today to get a quote for the tutoring option that works best for you.

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