Our Team

Since the fall of 2020, our team of tutors has provided 268 hours of individualized remote learning facilitation, tutoring support, and educational enrichment programming for families in the Omaha metro area. TheirSpace prides itself on a highly selective interview process, including thorough background checks, to ensure we have the best people on staff to provide educational support for the littlest students.

Woman Tutoring Child

The Tutoring Team



Founder & Chief Space Creator,

Hi, I’m Kate!
My background is in technology and design, and I have a BFA in Visual Communications.
I have been working with kids for 20+ years, including nannying throughout high school and college, working as a YMCA camp counselor, volunteering with Partnership for our Kids and the Hope Center, and leading the nursery class at my church for 6 years. I also have 2 kids of my own!



Educational Advisor,

Hi, I’m Audrey!
My background is in K-12 Education and I have an MS in Educational Administration and a BS in Elementary and Special Education.
I have been working with students for 30+ years, including classroom teaching and volunteering for metro area non-profits.  I also have two daughters.




Hi, I’m Abby!
I am currently a junior at Creighton University working towards a BS in Elementary Education!
I have been working with kids for 6 years, including babysitting/nannying, volunteering, and practicum experiences.




Hi, I’m Kelsi!
I am currently a junior at Creighton University working towards a BS in Elementary Education!
I have been working with kids for nine years, including nannying, volunteering at camps and bible school, lifeguarding, tutoring, and practicum experiences.




Hi, I’m Alyssa!
My background is in Elementary Education and I am a Junior at Creighton obtaining my BS in Elementary Education!
I have been working with kids for 10 years, including nannying, babysitting, dance teaching, classroom teaching, and tutoring.




Hi, I’m Nikki!
My background is in youth studies, education, and art history, and I have a BS in Family Science.
I have been working with kids for about 10 years, with experience babysitting, tutoring, and assistant teaching. I have traveled abroad to both India & China to work in classrooms to create ESL workshops for all ages! I currently also work as a Youth Specialist for refugees in Omaha.


Do we seem like your kind of people?

We are always looking for excellent humans who enjoy working with kids and find meaning in helping today's families. If you think you'd be a good fit, drop us a line!

Teacher with Pupils

The Team Behind the Scenes



Chief of Space Operations

Hi, I’m Drew!
My background is in finance, real estate and pediatric nursing, and I have a BSN from Creighton University.
I have been working with kids for 25 years, including working with youth group kids throughout high school and college, volunteering with Partnership for our Kids, and leading the children's program at my church for 6+ years. I also have 2 kids of my own! 
I help with the finance & operations behind TheirSpace.



Business Development Advisor

Hi, I’m Dianna!
My background is in entrepreneurship and business development.
I previously owned & operated several Sylvan Learning Centers around the Midwest, and I currently own & operate a local small business with my husband.
I use my experience with running multiple tutoring services to help with business development ideation and operational advising behind TheirSpace.

In the Classroom

Customized Session Schedules

Our tutors co-create a session outline with parents based on the student's needs for the day.

We prioritize the following:

Homework & Virtual Class Meetings

Educational Enrichment Programming

General Tutoring Support

Bio Breaks & Brain Breaks


Don't let your employees go another day trying to "wear all the hats".

Our tutors are available in the Omaha metro for the spring of 2021. We will create a custom quote specific to your employee base. Contact us today to give your parent employees the support they need.