TheirSpace provides homework help and interactive programming for school-aged kids so parents can focus on work during business hours.

Our highly vetted tutors will come to your office space to provide homework help and set up activities customized for your employees’ kids.

When your employees have a trustworthy tutor to help their kiddos during off-school hours, their ability to focus will return and productivity will increase. You will have the satisfaction of supporting families and getting your parent employees fully back.

Highly-vetted Tutors

We only hire the best! We look for enthusiastic personalities and those with an education background. Excitement to work with kids is a must!

Our tutors will customize interactive programming based on the children in the room and requests from their parents.

Prioritization of programming is as follows:

  1. Homework help and/or supervision.
    Kiddos will bring their e-learning materials from school; our tutors will be reinforcing the curriculum in place by classroom teachers.

  2. “Remedial tutorial” help.
    When a kiddo needs reinforcement on a specific concept, our tutors can review based on school curriculum and parent request.

  3. Interactive enrichment activities.
    When schoolwork is done, tutors will come prepared with new activites to keep kids engaged, learning and having fun!

Our tutors are background checked to ensure safety.

On-site at your Office

Employers will make use of underutilized space such as a large conference room designated as the TheirSpace. A TheirSpace tutor will come to your office to be with the kids (aka lil "Space Invaders") while parents are working on-site nearby.

Parents can pre-book 8a-12p or 1-5p time slots just a week in advance as needed.

COVID-aware Cleanliness Standards

The tutor will follow the same guidelines teachers follow in school including wearing masks, frequent hand-washing/sanitizing, distancing kids at least 6’ apart.

Snacks and drinks will be brought by children (no sharing allowed!), and tables, chairs and materials will be sanitized between use.

Easy Booking via Maxwell.App

Parents will book 4-hour time block (8a-12p or 1-5p) at least a week in advance using the easy-to-use Maxwell mobile app.  Requests can be made for each child for each specific block of time.

HR Dashboard on Maxwell.App

The employer will have access to an HR-centric dashboard to view usage stats, track costs, and even monitor stress levels and demographics in aggregate.


Access to Maxwell.App
Work/Life Management

Employees will have access to Maxwell’s work/life management services, from errands to virtual administrative assistant support.

Learn more about available services at


Don't let your employees go another day trying to "wear all the hats".

Our tutors will be available in Omaha fall of 2020. We will create a custom quote specific to your employee base. Contact us today to give your parent employees the support they need.

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